Computer Applications Technology Infographics

The infographics published in this blog are intended as a study-aid for CAT learners. The topics cover aspects from the Grade 10, 11 and 12 CAT curriculum. The infographics were designed by grade 10 and 11 boys in an effort to interact with the content of the Theory part of the curriculum.

Sites and books used in the work are acknowledged on each infographic. Their main source of information is their textbook published by Study Opportunities. They also researched the topic on the internet. The content is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect, but forms part of their learning. We will be uploading their work as we go along.

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Infographics based on the content of the CAT Theory Curriculum (2017)

Brad Greatorex created this infographic to summarise the topic Software. (Module 1.4)Brad G CAT INFOGRAPHIC.jpg

Nyiko Nketane created this infographic to tell us more about Inline Security.

nketana online security

The following infographic about Mobile Apps was done by Qhamani Ntshona.Ntshona MOBILE APPLICATIONS

Kyran Cooney created this very informative infographic about Cloud Storage. (Module 1.3)

Cooney info graphics.jpg

Reece Nielsen created this infographic to educate us about Phishing.

Nielsen Phishing.jpg

The following infographic about Social Media about Social Media was created by Tyreeq Pandy.

pandy Social Media Infographic

Garron Ungerer explored the ethics behind Computer Management.

ungerer Computer management.jpg

Tristan Hoffman created this infographic about Local Area Networks.


Cloud Computing is the topic of Jaryn Goetsch’s infographic.

goetsch clouds-page-001.jpg

Shaquille Adams the created the following infographic about Communication Software.


The following infographic illustrates how to protect yourself online.  It was created by Dieter Kapp.

Infographic_dieter kapp.jpg

Liam Graham created this infographic on input and output devices.


Tadgh Walker explored Multimedia on this infographic.


This infographic about Viruses was created by Luke Smuts


Yonwabo Ngqezana created this infographic about Social Media.



Below is Ethan Costa’s interpretation of Multimedia Software.ethan-multimedia-software-page-001

Tristan Moolman’s infographic illustrates a Local Area Network.


Accessibility of Computers is the topic illustrated by Zach Toerien.


Online Services is the topic covered by Jared Evans-Riche in this infographic.

Evans-Richejaryd infographics.jpg

In this infographic Warwick Griffin looked at using email and internet apps on your mobile device.


Ruben Kruger is the designer of the infographic about malware.


The Classifying Computers infographic was done by Ryan Adams.


This infographic about Display Resolution was created by Cullen Enslin.


Basic Network Security – this infographic was designed by Kyle Swales.


The Hardware Theft and Protection Infographic was designed By Stewart King.


The following infographic deals with Biometric Input. It was created by Tristan Stavast.


Learn more about Online Banking from this infographic by Andrew Dalgleish. It links up to module 2.3 in the textbook.

Online Banking.jpg

Infographic about Input and Output Devices from mod. 1.2 created by Jordan Viljoen.


Memory versus Storage by James Bedford. This is from Module 1.2 from the textbook.


The topic of the following infographic is Biometic Input.  It was created by Ross Fourie. It covers a section of work in Module 1.2.


Sithesh Pillay created this infographic on Basic Network Security.  It covers a section of Module 2.1 from the textbook.

Pillay Basic Networking Security.jpg

Software by Justin Pittard

The next infographic created by Justin Pittard deals with the two types of Software that is covered in module 1.4 of their

Responsive Web Design by Keegan van Rooyen

This infographic links up with Module 5 in the textbook where learners learn HTML and Basic Web Design Techniques. responsive-web-design-infographic

Social Networks by Dean Smith

This infographic was created by Dean Smith in Grade 11.  It covers a section of Module 2.3 in their textbook: Computers Part of your Life by Study Opportunities.slide1